Things you should know about car airbags

Things you should know about car airbags

Airbag systems were installed in cars in the 1980s to keep passengers safe. Many lives have been saved, but sometimes children. It is reported that people who were not wearing seat belts were injured and some lost their lives.

Therefore, experts corrected the weaknesses and installed and used a more reliable air bag system starting around 2004. Using complex sensor systems, depending on the attack, it will check the position where the air bag should open and open the air bag.

The main control to open the airbag is the car computer system ACU Airbag Control Unit. It will calculate the signals sent by the sensor systems and decide whether or not the airbag should open. intensity of attack; the weight of the person on the seat; Seat position Depending on the belt/unbelt, the airbag will open in the best way.


Things you should know about car airbags

Many of us think that if the car is damaged, the airbag will open. In fact, if the seat belt is in a safe position, the airbag will not open. The seat belt is the main life support system, and the airbag is called a supplementary life support system (SRS – Supplemental Restraint System).

Regarding the air bag, they are in doubt whether it will open from the belt. I searched and read many letters and it was wrong. Even if the seat belt is not on, the airbag is open. If you hit the impact sensor installed in the car with enough force, the airbag will open. The air bags that should open depend on the sensors mentioned above. In recent cars, airbags are installed in various places, and the term is also different.

The types of airbags are Driver AB, Passenger AB, Side AB, Knee AB, Curtains Shield AB, Seatbelt AB.

No matter how many airbags are installed, The main thing is the belt. If you don’t wear a seat belt, you may even lose your life due to the airbag. Air bag systems are also good.

If you follow the following points, the damage to life will be reduced…

1. Always wear a seat belt when driving/riding.
2. For adults, the airbag cover and chest should be at least 10 inches apart.
3. Children under 12 should only sit in the wrong back seat, and it is better to install child seats.
4. Check the air bag and seat belt warning systems on the dashboard. (If the light is blinking, it is not good. Have it repaired by a professional workshop).