Current situation of Yangon car market after car policy change since the beginning of this year

Current situation of Yangon car market after car policy change since the beginning of this year

Car import licenses have been suspended and a change in car policy has led to higher prices in the Yangon car market since the beginning of this year, according to the Yangon Car Market.

At present, buyers and sellers are giving more priority to good and bad cars than letters, and due to higher fuel prices, cars with an engine power of less than 2000 cc are being sold, and about 200 lakh Japanese small right-hand drive used cars are being traded, and new zero-kilos cars are being traded through the banking system.

Car market experts predict that the car market will continue to grow for some time to come, as license plates are becoming more common in the Yangon market and there are more buyers.

The car market is being revived with a lot of interest as the company and showrooms re-engage with the bank to buy new cars in five-year installments.

Declining car prices
Everyone knows the value of a car is very high. But keep in mind that after buying a car, the car will automatically depreciate. This means that even if you buy the car at a certain price, you will not get back the value you bought when you resold it. This is a loss for buying a car, Cypher.

There are additional costs involved in purchasing a car, including finance. Daily fuel price Parking fee Maintenance fee; There are a lot of costs involved, such as taxes and insurance premiums. With all these costs in mind, it’s best to buy only what you can afford, Cypher.

Unnecessary wasting time
Cars cost more time unnecessarily because of finance. For example: gas filling; License renewal, finance. The license is usually renewed once a year or every two years. Once a year, but this time it takes a lot of time and can be very tiring. If you do not have a car, you do not have to worry about these things, so make sure you buy a car Cypher.

Driving in traffic jams
I bought the car to drive calmly, but it was free of traffic jams. Driving when the road is closed can be really frustrating. Finance At times like these, you may even want to rent a taxi again. You can hire a driver to alleviate these problems, but it will cost more, Cypher.

Parking space
Once you have a car, you need space to park it. With more people and more cars, parking spaces are becoming scarcer. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to find a parking space. This should be considered when buying a car, as Cypher should not be late for work.

Becoming a Taxi Driver
If you already have a car, Friends often ask you to drive a car. If you refuse, you may end up hurting your friendships. Twice as much as their driver’s finance. For these reasons, sometimes it is better not to have a car, Cypher.

Owning a car is not only bad for yourself, it is also bad for the environment. Exhaust fumes from cars exacerbate air pollution. In addition, it can increase traffic congestion